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"Education for living is no education, Education for life is the real education" - Aacharya Sudarshan


Everyone is born with some innate and inherent cognition capacity. The only thing required is to guide them to evolve out the hidden specific talent.

Education system is evolving at a fast rate and in this changing scenario only the fittest one will survive as It is neither the strongest nor the most intelligent species that survives but the most adaptable to change -Charles Darwin.

Learning is a continuous process which starts from mother's womb and continue till the end. At Acharya Shri Sudarshan Krishna Niketan learning is ensured from one mother's womb to another mother, Maaji's lap. Students are provided with value based wisdom rather than merely knowledge in order to come up with the best output. The school combines the richness of Indian heritage and tradition tempered with the aspirations and advancements of modern India. As in this competitive era it is required to blend Indian ethos and western technology. The school is enriched by wifi campus which helps the faculty and the students for global interaction. The school's main aim is to nurture pupils on the powerful principle of compete with yourself'  Methods of Life written by spiritual Guru Acharya Shri has been included in courses of study to nurture value in pupils. We have a team of specialist teachers who are dedicated to multifarious teaching skill for holistic development of a child. It is all effort of teachers that Niketians are endowed with.

 The shiksha and suraksha is insured here.

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Acharyashri Sudarshan Krishna Niketan


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